Do you have a backup?

We’ve all heard a story from a friend or family member whose computer hard drive has suddenly crashed, and months or years of work was lost. While the prevalence of these stories may have decreased over recent years, can we safely assume that it is because hard drives don’t crash anymore? There are many easy (set it and forget it) options to back up your files. If you don’t have at least 1 of these options in place, set aside an hour on your calendar next week- make an appointment for yourself, and make it a priority.

1. Use a cloud based file storage area that automatically updates. Here is an example recently highlighted in the Chronicle of Higher Ed’s blog ProfHacker. It includes step by step instructions for using the service SpiderOak.

2. Purchase an external hard drive that attaches to your computer and automatically backs up your files on a schedule that you determine. There are many available; just visit your local Best Buy or similar store.

3. Use the SU resources. All SU faculty and staff have storage space given to you by the university. Items saved in one location on campus are available at any other networked computer if saved on the H drive. The SU Cloud and SU Filelink might be useful. Check out the OIT website for more information about these and many other services.

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